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“Manava Sevaye Madhava Seva”
Service to Man is Service to God

The most important practice of the Sai Organization is selfless service to society. This is in accordance with the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba and in emulation of His great humanitarian works. In selfless service, the motive is to raise consciousness of Divinity through our loving efforts. The spiritual validity of the service is determined by the intensity and purity of our love. Our efforts should reflect selfless love at all times to all people.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Service Activities

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  • Card Writing for Incarcerated Women – Monthly Sisters from center take turns and write letters to boost morale of incarcerated women
  • Gate Pregnancy Center & Florence Crittenton – Bi-monthly provide baby & hygiene supplies to support young mothers and pregnant women. Pediatricians from center also provide counsel to young mothers.
  • Refugee Women & Women Shelters – Quarterly provide basic necessities (E.g. puzzle books, children snacks etc. ) to support the children of refugee women & women’s shelter
  • Community Drives – Led by Group-4 Children, typically conducted in Q4 & Q2 (Nov- Apr) month to support local churches, homeless shelters, Levine children hospital, Homeless children education/medical centers/facilities , tier1 schools & low income neighborhoods.
    School supply drive
    Food supply drive
    Winter coat drive
    Sleeping bag/Blanket drive
    Baby clothes drive
    Hygiene supply drive
    Children toy drive
    Shoe drive
    E-wastage drive
  • Card writing & hand crafted Bookmarks for Senior Citizens at Nursing Homes – Card writing and hand crafted bookmarks by SSSE children to provide emotional support to senior citizens.
  • Virtual Bingo & Musical rendition for children (with disabilities) – SSSE children play virtual bingo and render beautiful musical compositions to enthuse children with disabilities at Champion house care children.
  • Children Narayana Seva – children prepare 108 sandwich/brown lunch bags to support homeless at local community shelters. Frequency- quarterly (commemorates special occasions (E.g. Guru Purnima, Bhagawan’s Aradhana day, Swami’s Birthday etc.)
  • Virtual SAI SEVA Summer Camp – SSSE children participate in a four week Seva Summer camp. Actively participate in SAI Seva virtual online work shops (listen to experienced speakers and reflect on Swami’s life and teachings). Kids Teach Kids – Children share skills with fellow children. Participate in weekly seva activities (Virtual Bingo & Musical rendition for disabled children, Bookmarks for Senior citizens at Nursing homes, Toy drive for Levine Children Hospital & Champion House care children facility, 108 Sandwiches/brown bags for Homeless. Hygiene supply community drive for homeless).
  • E-Wastage Recycle Drives – Frequency (Quarterly)
  • Tree Planting & Service – Frequency (2 times per year)
  • Flowering plants for Tier1 School (low income neighborhood) & School premises beautification (mulch spreading, removing weeds , cleaning debris etc.) – Frequency (Annual)
  • Catwaba River Cleaning – provide supplies to support river cleaning – Frequency (Semi-annual)
  • Provide trees to places of worship (church, temples etc.) – Frequency (2 times a year)
  • Street Cleaning (Adopt a Street) – Center adopt two streets at North & South Charlotte locations. Frequency (Quarterly)
  • Habitat for Humanity – Painting & building houses to support low income neighborhood. Frequency (2 times per year)
  • Dilworth Soup Kitchen – Members prepare lunch and serve homeless at soup kitchen.
  • Shower Bus – Provide basic necesseties (soaps, laundry detergent supplies etc.) to support homeless. Frequency (3 times per year)
  • Sandwich Seva– Members provide 25 sandwich bags for homeless on a weekly basis.
  • SAI Samarpan – Conducted on last Saturday of every month. Members set aside a portion of their monthly groceries (canned food, hygiene supplies etc.) for SAI Narayanas and drop off at a designated locations on last Saturday of every month. Offerings from SAI members are provided to community shelters to support the daily needs of low income neighborhoods. Frequency (Monthly)
  • Reedy Creek Elementary (tier 1) School
    • Support children by providing basic school supplies.
    • Headphones to support virtual learning.
    • School cleaning
    • Educational Gift Cards to promote all round (education & moral) excellence of fifth grade students.
  • SAI (Skill Advancement Interactive) Workshops – Skill (IT, Communication & Interpersonal) training for the needy
  • CPR Training for members
  • Virtual Health Awareness Camps – conduct health awareness workshops to support low-income neighborhoods.
  • Wheelchairs/Medical Equipment for the needy– provide wheelchairs and medical equipment such as tub transfer benches etc. to support low-income uninsured patients via ASSIST M.E Participants
  • Mathews Free Medical Clinic – provide over the counter medicines and supplies, medical equipment (blood pressure monitors etc.) to support needy patients.
  • Places of Worship – provide daily necessities (oil, ghee, rice, lentils, candles etc.) to support prayer service and priests at different places of worship (Shirdi SAI temple, Church, Buddha temple, Mosque, Gurudwara)
  • Animal Seva – support cows, parrots, dogs, and cats at animal shelters.


Have no desires to place before GOD, whatever HE does with you, however HE treats you, is the gift that HE likes best to give you!

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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