Maharudram 2024 - FAQ

The event is scheduled on April 6 2024 in Charlotte NC. The Program begins sharp at 7 AM and goes until 2.30 pm.

Please plan to arrive 30-45 mins prior to the scheduled start and settle.

If you are driving or flying from another city, please plan to arrive the prior afternoon or evening (April 5) to allow time to settle for overnight stay.

If you are driving or flying from another city, you may leave on April 5th after 5 pm or stay ovenight and leave the next day.

Yes, Accomodation is being planned for those who requested during the registration for April 5th night. If you need accomodation on April 6th night, please reach out to the Event team at ( Accomodation assignment will be done and communicated at least a week ahead of the event.

This is being worked out and will be communicated via the registered email / WhatsApp groups. Please indicate the arrival and departure details along with flight info

Please pack all your medications, no medical assistance will be provided. Sathya Sai Center of Charlotte do not own responsibility for Medical assitance. If you think you are in emergency, please call 911. If you get sick during or prior to the program, please stay back. Usage of Masks are Optional.

Light Breakfast will be served in the morning. Mahaprasadam will be served after the conclusion of event. Water stations will be installed, please bring your reusable water bottles.

As a Ritwik, you are encouraged to participate in Daily Sadhana which begins from March 8 (Mahashivaratri) until April 5. Daily Sadhana include chanting Shri Rudram and Durga Suktam over webex / Zoom. This will take a maximum of 35 mins. The purpose of the daily sadhana is to collectively come together and align with thought, word, and deed and offer our best to Swami on April 6. As a Ritwik on April 6, you participate in chanting Shri Rudram during the Abhishekam (11 times) and Homam (1 time). It is important to chant (with or without script) to get our counts to 1331 times collectively. Please refer the Ritwik Guidelines for more info.

We are forming Volunteer groups for various areas before, during, after the program. The respective coordinator will reach out and explain the responsibilities

We are working on distributing Vastrams to all Ritwiks. Brothers will be provided Dhoties / Angavastrams and Sisters will be provided Sarees. It is preferred for Ritwiks to wear the vastrams provided. For Younger children, they can be in appropriate Indian ethnic wear (Boys on White and Khaki and Girls – half saree / salwars)

Abishekam Teertham will be provided for all participants

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